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Ebenezer Operation Exodus is an organisation called by God to help Jewish people return to Israel in fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. Our humanitarian aid programme provides practical support and comfort to the poor and needy in the jewish communities of the former Soviet Union, Israel and elsewhere.

ukraine protest

Now Is The Time For Action  


For some while we have been writing and speaking of the ‘new season’ — and warning of the urgency of the hour! We are seeing the prophetic unfolding before our eyes and the ongoing events in Ukraine threaten to destabilise the entire region. We are very concerned about the Baltic countries and recently held a conference in Tartu, Estonia...


Aliyah Returning to Israel


Accepting God's Promise

God’s Word tells us, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone...




Everything by Prayer

Ebenezer – Operation Exodus relies totally on prayer and intercession for the advancement of the ministry. Intercession has been the bedrock of the ministry from its foundation.


Aid Projects


Demonstrating 'love in action'

Across the Former Soviet Union our humanitarian aid projects help us to meet Jewish families and encourage them to make aliyah.

bnei menashe return

Bnei Menashe return

bnei menashe return

Ebenezer’s International Board has agreed to support the work of Shavei Israel, led by Michael Freund, in helping to bring back the Bnei Menashe from India.


Engage Young Adults


Reaching the next generation

Engage is Ebenezer's international young adults programme and vision for the future. Through this we plan to reach out to young Christians all over the world…

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