“Behold, I will gather them out of all countries where I have driven them… and I will assuredly plant them in this land, with all My heart and with all My soul.”
Jeremiah 32:37…41


Prophecy Being Fullfiled.

In an amazing fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, Jewish people from all over the world are returning to Israel after being scattered for nearly 2000 years! Over three million have returned since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. There is no parallel or precedent in the history of mankind for the ingathering of a people after being scattered from their country for so long. This is a miracle that only God could do!


Our Calling.

Since 1991 Ebenezer Operation Exodus has been part of this miracle helping Jewish people return to Israel. In the former Soviet Union, our teams find and encourage Jewish people to return to Israel in fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. We share scriptures about God’s covenants and His promises to them. We provide support, hope, encouragement and practical assistance. Jewish people who return to Israel are said to be making ‘aliyah’ which is a Hebrew word which can be translated as ‘ascent’.


Settling in Israel.

Our team in our Jerusalem office helps Jewish people who have returned to Israel to settle to their new life there. As well as bringing love and comfort, we provide food parcels and other practical assistance to help the Jewish people adapt to living in Israel and feel at home as quickly as possible.


Love in Action.

In our operational areas, we also support vulnerable Jewish people by providing much needed humanitarian aid each year. We help the poor and needy - some of whom are Holocaust survivors - with shoes and clothing, food and medical supplies. This is an invaluable ministry helping us to show love and care in very practical ways.


Prayer and Intercession.

We are an intercessory ministry called to a prophetic task. Preparing the highways through prayer is at the very heart of the ministry and removing the ‘stones’ is a vitally important part of the building plan! (Isaiah 62:10). Ebenezer is a work of intercession, so it has a worldwide prayer family with an ongoing need for new members. Every step taken has been through prayer; every door that has opened to advance the work has been an answer to prayer. Are you called to stand with us as a ‘Watchman on the Wall’?


The Next Generation.

Engage is Ebenezer’s young adults’ organisation. Through a number of programmes we reach out to young Christians around the world giving them the opportunity to engage with the work of Ebenezer and serve the Jewish people.